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Does your software fit like a good suit,
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Not all enterprise software is created equal. If you are a food distributor or food manufacturer, you need software specifically designed for food distribution or food manufacturing. Without it, your business will under perform.

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“Your WinFDS product is incredible. It is reliable, versatile, complex yet user friendly, but most of all, it is designed for today’s use and future growth.”
Client Since 1993

Challenges Solved by WinFDS:

Flexible Customer Ordering
Multiple Price Scenarios
Repetitive Order Processing
Order Picking Made Easy
Daily Routing/Manage Deliveries
Eliminating Shorts & Substitutions
Product Traceability
Controlling Receivables & Payables
Operator Accessibility
On Demand Manufacturing
WinFDS Features List

Food Decision Software's 35th Anniversary

It's all about managing food

What sets us apart is that we understand:

  • Food is perishable
  • Food is a daily business
  • Food distribution is about repeat orders

FDS improves your performance by offering:

Food Recall Plan

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'Food Recall Plan

Features List

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 We at FDS believe that "Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success"

When we decided to do business with Food Decision Software Inc., we did more than purchase their WinFDS software package. We formed a business partnership with an established, professional company that is committed to excellence and to the success of their clients.” Client since 2008

“We are happy to recommend Food Decision Softwares' specific ERP software WinFDS. We originally purchased the software in 1998 as the software functionality provided was what we needed as a Food Distributor. In 2008 we updated to the latest version of WinFS using the Software as a Service subscription model. Since then, there have been no real issues that would make us consider switching back to the traditional model". Client since 1998

“A software package is only as good as its support system and Food Decision Software completes that package perfectly.” Client since 1996


Since 1978, Food Decision Software Inc. (FDS) has served the food distribution and food manufacturing industry under the banner Mulvany Attard Associates. Today FDS has customers across North America that use our WinFDS food industry software to run their business and improve their results.

FDS can help with:
Customer Order Processing
• Wholesale Food Distribution
• Enterprise Resource Planning
Food and Beverage Distribution
Food Manufacturing
Food Traceability
Food Processing

• Food Recall Planning 
Inventory Control
Inventory Investment
Cash Flow Management
Order Fulfillment
Price Flexibility
Special Orders
• Alternative Pack Sizes

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Food Distribution Software
Food Service Software
Food Industry Software
• F
ood Manufacturing Software
Food Inventory Software
Food Processing Software
Food Recall Templates

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