It’s All About Managing Food

Founded in 1978, Mulvany Attard Associates, now Food Decision Software Inc. (FDS), has emerged as one of the top respected names in food industry specific software, providing its solution, WinFDS, exclusively to companies involved in food distribution, and food manufacturing.

Our clients are small to medium sized food distribution and food manufacturing companies.  Often, when they set out to buy software, they do not think like a food distributor; instead they think like a distributor, and start looking for accounting and/or distribution software.  They work in food distribution every day and do not realize how different their challenges are from durable goods distributors. 

To put it another way, they focus on the distribution side of food distribution, when they should be focused on the food side! 

Our job at Food Decision Software is to help companies understand, what “food” stands for in food distribution.  There are many advantages to buying Food Distribution software that is built to handle the unique challenges associated with food distributing or food manufacturing:

  • Food is perishable
  • It’s a daily business
  • Food distribution companies earn their margins through repeat orders

When our clients understand the difference in handling these issues, manual processes, basic accounting, and horizontal distribution software are no longer good enough.

We are the developer of WinFDS®, the leading Food Distribution Software in the small to medium market.  We develop a complete application designed from the ground up to support the business performance of Food Distributors and Food Manufacturers.  We are focused on more than writing software; we are focused on how to write that software to make it easier for Food Distributors and Food Manufacturers to improve their results.

"The service provided prior to, during and after the conversion must be given an outstanding rating." Client Since 2000

“When first looking at WinFDS, the salesman’s knowledge of the product along with his integrity convinced me that we were dealing with a competent software company we could trust for many years to come.” Client Since 2001

When in 2008 we decided to do business with Food Decision Software Inc., we did more than purchase their WinFDS software package. We formed a business partnership with an established, professional company that is committed to excellence and to the success of their clients.” Client Since 2008

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