Dead Stock Report (IC60)

Did you ever walk through the warehouse and see products that look like they've not been touched for a very long time? Then wonder when was the last time this particular product was sold? The Dead Stock Report - IC60, allows you to see exactly how many days ago it has been since a product has been sold to one of your Customers. The report lists the quantity of product in your inventory, the last date it was invoiced, and the cost of that product in your inventory.

Additional Benefits

  • Identify how many days since product has been sold
  • Identify last time a product was sold
  • Identify how many units and weight you have of product that is not being sold
  • Cost of Dead Stock in your inventory
  • Identify the last time the product was received into your inventor

Below we will discuss the specific selectivity's in IC60 and generate a Dead Stock Report to show you what information is provided.

Be advised that the screen shots shown and some of the functionality discussed are from WinFDS Version 7.

Entering Selectivity's in IC60

  1. Open IC60 - Print Dead Stock Report.
  2. There are a number of selectivity's that allow you to get specific on the products you want to see on the report. As in all selectivity screens, the more info you enter, the narrower (more specific) your report will be.

Note: As there are many selectivity's, we will not discuss each one but those that we feel are most important to the output of the report. To learn about each individual field, place your cursor in the field and press the 'F1' key on your keyboard for the field sensitive help.

  1. Select the sequence you want the report to be presented in (red arrow below). There are 26 different sequences that you can pick from.
  2. The next few fields below the 'Product Sequence?' field allow you to specify product types, category type, specific buyer or supplier, and if you have the Multi-Warehouse Module, the warehouse you are interested in.
  3. If you want to specify a list of products, you can enter the 'First Product Code' and 'Last Product Code' (green arrows below). WinFDS will list only those products listed in alphanumeric order between the two codes entered (including the codes entered).
  4. You can tell WinFDS what specific Product Status (yellow arrow below) you want provided in the report.

Print Dead Stock Report (IC60) 

  1. If you are only interested in products that have not been sold for a period of time, you can enter a 'Number of days' (blue arrow above) and WinFDS will only list products not sold after that date. In the example, we indicate that we do not want to see any products that have been sold within the past 120 days.
  2. You can tell WinFDS the type of days you mean (gray arrow above). You can select; "Last Purchase/Sales Days", "Days of Inventory" or use both to generate your report. In our example, we are using "Last Purchase/Sales Days" meaning that we will only see those products that have not been sold in 120 or longer.
  3. In the report, you can identify what history you want to use for daily average movement (white arrow above). We selected "whichever is the highest" as we want to use the extreme calculation.
  4. If you want to see the quantity on hand, place a checkmark in the 'Quantity on Hand ?' check box (magenta arrow above).
  5. To have WinFDS show the cost of the product and total cost of the product in your inventory, place a checkmark in the 'Costs to be Shown ?' checkbox (cyan arrow above).
  6. As always, you can save your selectivity's if you will be using the same selectivity set-up over again. Do this by placing a checkmark in the 'Save above Options' checkbox (black arrow above).
  7. Press the 'Go' button.

Dead Stock Report Printout 

A report is generated showing all products that have not been sold in the past 120 days (cyan arrow above) with the number of days of last invoice (magenta arrow above). It shows the last Invoice date (red arrow above), quantity on hand (green arrows above), if the check box was checked, cost per unit (yellow arrow above), and the total cost of the product in your inventory (blue arrow above). At the bottom of the last page, you can also see a grand total of the inventory listed on the report (black arrow above).

For additional information about the Dead Stock Report, search on "IC60 - Dead Stock Report" in WinFDS Help or view the online training session available.

To learn more about how WinFDS can help you, contact FDS at: or call us at: 905-889-6939.

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