Features That Solve Your Operational Challenges

WinFDS® from Food Decision Software Inc. has been developed to help solve the specific operational challenges facing Food Distributors and Manufacturers. We have taken our experience and the knowledge of our clients to provide a software solution that allows you to spend time on growing your business instead of wasting time on the day to day activities that should be automated.

WinFDS has a core set of modules that are fully integrated:

Detailed listing of the features provided in WinFDS>>

Additional modules are available for businesses that have needs such as Manufacturing, Bill Backs, Complex Warehouse Management, Multi-Warehousing, and Web Order Entry. These optional modules along with all the other modules available seamlessly integrate with WinFDS. Click here for the complete list of Optional Modules.

Order Processing

A large part of the day-to-day routine of a Food Distributor revolves around processing Customer Orders. With this in mind, WinFDS is designed to maximize efficiency and throughput. Orders can be processed, amended, cancelled and searched without having to leave the Order Entry screen. With the use of Rapid Order Entry panels, Inventory Search capabilities and the automatic population of the Customer specific pricing, Customer Order processing becomes an accurate and efficient process. Catch weights, full and partial units and lot tracking processing. Picking Slips, Dispatch report, Driver's Manifests, Customer Order Forms, Invoice Summary analysis and many other reports. Automatic routing of orders and dispatching. Customer Price Quotes and Credit Returns Authorizations.  Features List>>

Pricing Control

When it comes to pricing, many Food Distributors have as many exceptions as they have rules. There are street prices, contract prices, quote prices and deals. WinFDS has been designed to flexibly provide an order taker with selling prices and totals, thus eliminating guesswork and errors, and maximizing efficiency. Moreover, in most instances, prices change frequently, often on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis. Changing prices in WinFDS can be performed at any time and then automatically posted on the date you want them to take effect. Features List>>

Inventory Control and Purchasing

Inventory levels (both cases and weights where applicable) are updated automatically by the system as a result of receiving products, invoicing an order, or performing a manufacturing process. Committed stock levels are updated on a perpetual basis as customers' orders are being processed. Suggested POs are created easily and quickly by WinFDS based on your quantity available, minimum inventory required, recent sales, and raw material usage. WinFDS is designed to handle a complete range of purchasing requirements. Features List>>

Sales Analysis

Effective sales reporting is one of the keys to success in the Food Distribution business.  A good system should help you to know when customers are no longer ordering certain products from you or when there are sudden changes in their buying habits. A Food Distributor must always be on top of current sales patterns that can indicate changes in buying trends. Knowing the status of how well items are moving or not moving is critical to effective inventory management. WinFDS is designed to provide you with a wealth of information to make this job easier. Features List>>

Accounts Receivable

The WinFDS Accounts Receivable module offers the Food Distributor a wide range of powerful tools that are designed to give you effective control over your outstanding receivables.  It has dynamic reporting features that let you analyze receivables within any given period, can handle multiple currencies, does automatic posting of interest charges on overdue accounts and a host of other features that help you expedite collections more effectively. Features List>>

Accounts Payable

The WinFDS Accounts Payable module is fully integrated with the General Ledger system. It provides functionality to review your outstanding payables and allows you to select the outstanding invoices you want to pay. Both manual and computer checks can be generated. WinFDS offers excellent reporting features, multiple currencies, and flexible accounting periods and can help you take advantage of vendor discounts and promotions most effectively. Features List>>

General Ledger and Financial Statements

The WinFDS General Ledger Module is a powerful, fully integrated financial reporting system that gives the user maximum flexibility in their account structure and reporting requirements.  It can consolidate various companies or departments, provide flexible sub-ledger reporting, and have special reporting tools for your ‘ad-hoc’ reporting needs.  User defined Financial Statements can also be set up as required.  Best of all, it eliminates the bottlenecks often created with other systems that require month end close-offs before processing the next period. Features List>>

Lot Tracking

The WinFDS Lot Control module lets Food Manufacturers and Food Distributors keep track of their lot controlled products.  If a recall ever needs to be performed, the customers to whom the questionable lot was sold can be quickly identified and the product recalled. As a result of the lot control capabilities, WinFDS is compliant with the FDA Bioterrorism ACT and other regulating agency requirements from the FDA, FSIS, CFIA and Health Canada. Features List>>

To help Food Distributors and Manufacturers be prepared in the even of a Food Recall, FDS has provided a procedure to create your own Food Recall Plan. We have also developed a Food Recall template that can be used.


The WinFDS Security Module gives a System Administrator the ability to lock users out of different parts of WinFDS. It also makes it possible to set up password protected fields so only those personnel with the authority to change or view a field can do so. Features List>>

Optional Modules >>

Additional modules are available for businesses that have needs such as Manufacturing, Bill Backs, Complex Warehouse Management, Multi-Warehousing, and Web Order Entry. These optional modules along with all the other modules available seamlessly integrate with WinFDS.