Purchasing Options

Food Decision Software Inc. (FDS) offers two(2) options to acquire WinFDS (Purchase and Subscription):

1.  WinFDS Purchase Option
The purchase (license) option is when WinFDS is installed on your local server. The software and implementation costs are paid for upfront and the purchase is expensed as a Capital Cost. With the purchase option, an annual software maintenance and support fee is charged and is dependent on the number of users and add-on modules acquired.

If you purchase your own WinFDS you can get FDS to host your WinFDS on the cloud. Not having your own local server relieves you of having to maintain, service and administer a server, with FDS assumming all support, hosting, backup and data security concerns.

2.  WinFDS Subscription Option SaaS (Software as a Service / on the Cloud)
This cloud or SaaS (Software as a Service) option is an all inclusive low monthly subscription fee that is cloud hosted on a secured 3rd party server giving the user the ability to access WinFDS from anywhere there are high speed internet capabilities. Since there is no up-front capital outlay, WinFDS SaaS contributes immediately to your company’s bottom line, with FDS assuming all support, hosting, backup and data security concerns.


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