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Food Recalls

Product Traceability And Food Recalls Can be Tricky to Manage
The ability to track products from the time they are received or manufacturered through delivery to your Customer is vital, and the responsibility of every food distributor and manufacturer. Being able to remove products that have been deemed unsafe from the market quickly and effectively is the safety net that all consumers count on.
For small to medium food distributors and manufacturers, a product recall can have serious economic and legal consequences. With the number of serious recalls occurring each year, Food Recall Management or Product Traceability is a process that when performed properly can make the difference between a product recall being a learning experience or a nightmare.
To provide proper product traceability you need to:

  • Record product lot numbers as they are received into your warehouse
  • Manage the movement of each product as it is used or shipped
  • Maintain the traceability path of product’s if used as a raw material
  • Quickly identify the location of every unit of a specific lot controlled product

Food Recall Management is serious business. When a product is being recalled time is of the essence and if proper traceability practices have not been maintained your recall experience will be a nightmare.

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FDS has reviewed guidelines from the FDA and CFIA and other regulatory agencies and have been given permission to use their information to develop a set of Food Recall Plan Templates for the Food Distribution and Food Manufacturing industry.

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