On Demand Manufacturing

Automatically Generate Bill of Materials, Work Orders and Batch Production
The most fundamental part of manufacturing is the recipe or bill of materials used to make the product. Product is not manufactured until there is a customer who has already purchased it, therefore the ability to automatically generate work order and schedule production allows for "on demand" manufacturing processes.

FDS can help improve your manufacturing processes by:

  • Automatically generating a finished goods cost that includes raw materials, labor and overhead
  • Automatically generating raw materials requirements used in a batch of finished goods
  • Suggesting purchase order quantities that take into consideration raw material requirements
  • Automatically tracking raw materials that are used to produce a finished good
  • Automatically adjusting inventory to remove raw materials and add finished goods
  • Generating work orders resulting from Customer Orders
  • Maintaining traceability throughout the manufacturing process from raw material to finished good
  • Calculating yields

Knowing when a product needs to be manufactured should be directly related to the quantity of that product being shipped to your Customers. It is important that when product is scheduled to be manufactured that the raw material requirements are considered along with the traceability of any raw materials used in making the finished goods.

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“As a manufacturer, the FDS Manufacturing module has proven to be essential to us, saving us time and manpower while providing us with accurate forecasts and information.” Client Since 1995

“We process a wide range of beef and pork products and the WinFDS manufacturing module has simplified our inventory tracking as well as capturing the relevant manufacturing costs by product.” Client Since 2000