Controlling Receivables and Payables

Managing Receivables and Payables
Food is a daily business. It is never a healthy situation for a company when there is more going out than coming in. Being able to quickly and accurately provide the most up to date status of receivables and payables will help those making the decisions determine what should be done next. To get the most up to date status, it is important that every aspect of receivables and payables are accounted for.
FDS can help manage your Cash Flow by:

  • Tracking outstanding Customer balances
  • Timely tracking of all Supplier revenue and Bill Backs expected
  • Managing post dated checks from Customers
  • Determining how much is owed to Suppliers and when
  • Managing Customers and Suppliers terms and payments
  • Automatically posting journal entries into the General Ledger from sub-ledgers

Understanding what is coming in and what is going out allows you to make educated decisions on what should be done next. If any part of receivables or payables is not properly accounted for, your decision is being based on inaccurate data and therefore has a potential for unexpected consequences.

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