Operator Accessibility

Preventing Operator Access and Tracking Processes
Image the consequences if an unauthorized operator accessed your accounts receivable and started processing payments that were not received. FDS can help manage access to specific operations by:

  • Preventing unauthorized personnel from performing specific processes
  • Keeping track of master file changes
  • Hiding information from operators that are not authorized to see it
  • Preventing unauthorized personnel from accessing certain information

Managing the access of operators is all about making sure your confidential information and those processes that should only be performed by a certain few are secured. If confidential information is available to everyone or processes can be performed by anyone, you may be leaving yourself vulnerable with possible serious consequences.

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“No more wondering who deleted items from an order. The WinFDS software keeps track.” Client Since 2002

“Being able to prevent unauthorized staff from accessing specific functions allows us to feel confident that important information has not been tampered with.” Client Since 2004