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45+ Years of Best Practice in Food Industry Software

Founded in 1978, Food Decision Software Inc., has emerged as one of the foremost names in food industry software. 

Our clients are small-to-medium-sized food distributors and manufacturers, many of whom have discovered us after dissatisfactory experiences with general-purpose software.

FDS is headquartered in Toronto, but we are an Internet, Everywhere company, with clients throughout the USA and Canada.

What sets FDS apart is our commitment to serving food distributors and manufacturers with purpose-built software

Our flagship product, WinFDS®, is designed specifically to address the needs of food businesses, with a focus on purchasing and inventory control, simplifying repeat orders, accounting capabilities, and full product traceability. WinFDS® offers users with the ability to manage different units of measure, multiple pricing scenarios, and routing, making many laborious manual processes effortless.

WinFDS® was launched in 1978 and continues to grow in response to industry trends, client feedback, and FDS research, now with two dozen add-on modules and a software-as-a-service purchasing option now available. Many of our clients have been with us for decades, and continue to enjoy fully-supported software built just for them.

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