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Accounting Capabilities

At Food Decision Software, we recognize that accounting is the foundation of every firm involved in the production or distribution of food. It involves more than just crunching statistics, preserving profitability, assuring financial management, and facing obstacles unique to the sector. Because of this, we are pleased to present WinFDS®, our flagship product, which was created especially to meet the unique requirements of the food industry.
WinFDS® is a complete solution that goes above and beyond basic features to include full accounting functionality. We specifically intended WinFDS® to meet the unique difficulties faced by small-to-medium-sized food distributors and manufacturers.
accounting software for food manufacturers

Effective Control Over Outstanding Receivables

Accounts Receivable Management

Managing accounts receivable is an essential component of financial control. In order to provide you with effective control over your unpaid receivables, WinFDS® offers a wide range of powerful tools.
  • It has dynamic reporting features that let you analyze receivables within any given period.
  • It handles several currencies, so you can easily handle receivables from clients throughout the world.
  • It automates the filing of interest charges, which reduces the problems associated with maintaining past-due accounts.
  • Fully integrated with the General Ledger System.
  • And much more!
WinFDS® encourages prompt payments and speeds up collection efforts. You can also generate reports using WinFDS® that provide you with the knowledge you need to make educated choices, including a summary view or a thorough breakdown of your outstanding receivables.
Food Decision Software - accounts receivable screen

Simplify & Enhance Financial Management

Accounts Payable Integration

Fully integrated with the General Ledger System, the accounts payable module from WinFDS® streamlines your financial operations and improves your overall financial management.
You have total insight into your payables using WinFDS®. This makes it simple for you to keep track of and manage your financial commitments, ensuring that you keep up with vendor payments and preserve healthy supplier relationships. You may pick and select which outstanding bills you wish to pay using the accounts payable module. Whether you prefer processing checks and/or electronic payments, WinFDS® allows you the freedom to choose payment options that suit the needs of your company.
You can fully benefit from vendor special offers and discounts with the aid of WinFDS®. The program gives you the tools to find and take advantage of cost-saving possibilities, enabling you to cut costs and increase profitability. WinFDS® also allows for flexible accounting periods and can help you take advantage of vendor discounts and promotions.
Food Decision Software - account payable screen

Simplify & Enhance Financial Management

General Ledger & Financial Statements

The WinFDS® General Ledger Module is a powerful, fully integrated financial reporting system that gives you maximum flexibility in your account structure and reporting requirements. It can consolidate various companies or departments, provide flexible sub-ledger reporting, and have special reporting tools for ad-hoc reporting needs. User-defined financial statements can also be set up as required. Finally, WinFDS® eliminates the bottlenecks often created with other systems that require month end close-offs before processing the next period, making it one of the strongest alternatives to QuickBooks and other general-purpose software.
Food Decision Software - general ledger & financial statements screen
Accounting Software Capabilities for Warehouse Workers

Food ERP with Accounting Capabilities

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Are you prepared to improve financial management and accounting organization for your food and beverage business? Join the WinFDS® community to see how our software can transform your food distribution or manufacturing company.

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