Enhancing Food Distribution Efficiency with iDriver Features

One of Our Most Popular Modules

In the competitive world of food distribution, streamlining your operations is essential. That’s where iDriver comes in, one of our Food ERP modules. iDriver revolutionizes the way food distributors and food manufacturers manage their delivery processes. With a focus on the driver’s needs and experiences, iDriver offers a set of essential features that help eliminate paper, improve delivery accuracy, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.
iDriver will also connect your drivers to the internet, enabling real-time proof of delivery while keeping them in constant two-way contact with your office. It’s no wonder this is one of our more popular modules!

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Our iDriver Interface

Full details of the driver’s daily routes will be displayed on the driver’s tablet, which customers will also use to sign their invoices as proof of delivery. Your office will have a driver dashboard which displays each of your drivers, their locations, current deliveries, and estimated time of arrival.

Our Food ERP goes beyond modernizing your delivery processes. iDriver allows your drivers to take pictures of deliveries, record necessary data associated with each order, attach payment information and invoices to the order file, and automatically emails signed delivery confirmations to your customer. When your drivers return at the end of the day, a cash-out feature facilitates the balancing of all payments received and ensures there is no money missing.

Food Decision Software - iDriver

Why These Features Are Vital for Food Distributors

How iDriver Can Help Your Business

The iDriver’s array of features is specifically designed to simplify the lives of food distribution professionals. By replacing paper-based processes with digital tools, iDriver reduces the environmental impact and saves resources while providing numerous benefits.
Not only that, but using iDriver to help display daily routes, routing instructions, and stop numbers saves your drivers time and your business money. Our integration with Google Maps ensures that drivers have all the information they need at their fingertips, making deliveries more efficient and accurate.

Directions, Signatures, Payment Processing & More

Where Efficiency Meets Ease for Delivery Personnel

iDriver provides a seamless experience for drivers and displays all essential details for each stop, including customer information, driving directions, and product information. During the trip, iDriver continuously monitors and records the driver’s location, helping drivers stay on track.

Drivers can easily capture customer signatures on their tablets, which are then transposed onto laser-printed invoices and automatically stored for future reference. Payment processing and the creation of Credit Return Authorizations are also facilitated, providing drivers with a comprehensive toolset for their daily tasks. Enhance the the overall efficiency of your food distribution operations today and contact our team for more information.

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