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Food Traceability Software

When an emergency food recall situation arises, getting your employees organized and your products traced accordingly can be a nightmare.

Food traceability is a key aspect of our food and beverage ERP, WinFDS®. When your business is notified of food recalls or other supply chain issues, being prepared with an effective food ERP to manage the situation can really make a difference. Contact our team today and learn how you can efficiently recall your products, save time, and money.

WinFDS® offers reliable food traceability and lot tracking features so you can find the data you need, when you need it. Whether you are a food distributor or food manufacturer, we offer custom solutions and training for your business and its needs.

Food & Beverage ERP

Our Lot Tracking Interface

The WinFDS® Lot Control module lets food manufacturers and distributors keep track of their lot-controlled products. If a recall ever needs to be performed, the customers to whom the questionable lot was sold can be quickly identified and the product recalled. As a result of its lot control capabilities, WinFDS® is compliant with the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act and other regulating agency requirements from the FDA, FSIS, CFIA, and Health Canada.

Food Decision Software - lot tracking

Food ERP With Food Traceability Capabilities

Be Prepared Before
Food Recalls Happen

WinFDS®, our food and beverage ERP has been developed to facilitate food traceability between businesses and their customers.

WinFDS® can help keep track of all the products used in your business, the customers that purchase them, dates, and any costs associated with the lots. Be prepared before a crisis strikes your business. We offer informative demos to guide you through the food recall and food traceability software features of WinFDS®.

Food Recall Template

Our experts have taken all the applicable information regarding product recalls and summarized it so you can create your own recall plan.

Avoid serious economic and legal consequences and download our template today.

“Immeasurable Value” – How WinFDS® Transformed Bova Foods

“The value we have gained from working with FDS and their software is immeasurable. We have built a relationship based on trust and loyalty that encourages success and continued growth.”
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