Optional Software Modules

Although the Core Modules of WinFDS® solve the primary operational challenges facing most food distributors and manufacturers, there are additional modules available for those that require specific functionalities:


WinFDS® supplier revenue billbacks module allows you to create bill back rules and rates for products, suppliers and customers and then track them so that you can bill back suppliers appropriately. You can also automatically create supplier invoices and have them posted to accounts receivable or accounts payable as credits. The software also allows you to view volume incentive program reporting, buying groups reporting, and more.
Food Decision Software - bill backs

Cycle Counts

The WinFDS® Cycle Counts module is a complete system for taking and processing partial physical inventories in an organized and efficient fashion. Cycle counts are appropriate for food distributors who have thousands of products that make annual or quarterly inventory-taking a challenge, and need a solution that simplifies and automates this process.
Food Decision Software - cycle counts

Commodity Integration

The WinFDS® Commodity Integration module allows food manufacturers and distributors in the United States that sell their products to the USDA Food Purchase Program to track the value or weight that they have to reduce the costs of the approved commodity integrated commercial branded products.


The WinFDS® Dashboards module is a strategic enabler that gives you the tools to respond quickly to market changes and make category management easier and more practical. This tool of food industry software provides you with a complete view of key performance indicators and allows you to make smarter, fact-based decisions.
Food Decision Software - sales analysis chart

Distribution Orders

WinFDS® can make it easy to send an identical order to a group of customers, or a standard order to a new customer. An example of this would be the first order to a new chain of restaurants. This module streamlines the process for distributors to send a standard order to any customer they want.
Food Decision Software - order processing

Fixed Assets

The Fixed Asset Optional module is designed to help you keep track of your Fixed Assets in an intelligent and organized fashion. Assets that are used in the production or sale of other assets or services and that have a useful life longer than one accounting period are called Plant/Building, Land/Property and Equipment or Fixed Assets.
Food Decision Software - fixed assets

Freight Tracking

The WinFDS® Freight Tracking module is useful if you are using common carriers to deliver your goods. This module automatically calculates the freight charge to be charged based on the weight of an order and the ship-from and deliver-to points. This module provides for the printing of bills of lading and a freight analysis report to reconcile invoices from the common carriers used.


One of our most popular modules, iDriver will connect your drivers to the internet, enabling real-time proof of delivery and keeping them in constant two-way contact with your office during their deliveries. Full details of the driver’s daily routes will be displayed on the driver’s tablet, which customers will also use to sign their invoices. Your office will have a driver dashboard which displays each of your drivers, their locations, current deliveries, and estimated time of arrival.

Beyond modernizing your delivery processes, iDriver allows your drivers to take pictures of deliveries, record necessary data associated with each order,attach payment information and invoices to the order file, and issues signed delivery confirmations to your customer. When your drivers return at the end of the day, a cash-out feature facilitates the balancing of all payments received and ensures there is no money missing.

Food Decision Software - iDriver

Landed Cost

The WinFDS® Landed Cost module will calculate and record the total landed cost of any products purchased and imported from abroad. The landed cost is recorded online upon receipt or payment. FOB cost, exchange, duty, and any other costs are identified in the calculated and final landed cost.
Food Decision Software - landed cost


The WinFDS® Manufacturing/Processing module makes it possible for food processors and manufacturers to plan and track the creation of finished goods to deplete their raw material inventories accurately. WinFDS® enables the creation and management of recipes, bills of material and formulas to ensure accurate production planning and scheduling. It supports lot tracking, labor usage, packaging, and scrap/shrinkage monitoring, and allows for the efficient management of production with a wide range of reports and planning tools.
Food Decision Software - manufacturing processing


The WinFDS® Multi-Warehousing module is designed for companies with multiple warehouses or distribution centers. Goods can be easily transferred between warehouses, with inventory tracked with full product traceability, and shipped from and received in multiple warehouses.
Food Decision Software - multi-warehousing

Performance Edge

The WinFDS® Performance Edge module is designed to allow distributors who sell tobacco products to provide the applicable reports required by the tobacco companies. Once generated, the reports can then be exported by the distributor as necessary.

Renumber Codes

This module has been designed to allow product, customer, supplier and General Ledger account codes to be re-coded to an existing code or new code, without losing the valuable historical data that has accumulated against these codes. When an old renumbered code is keyed in, WinFDS® will notify you that this code has been renumbered, provide the date of the change and provide you with the new code number for maximum product traceability.

Retail Prices/Labels

The WinFDS® Retail Prices module is useful to those who sell their products both at a wholesale level and retail level. It allows the user to create a customer-specific retail price list and print the shelf labels for the specific items.

Shipping/Picking Labels

This module serves two purposes. First, it allows you to print picking labels that can be affixed to the products being shipped to your customers. The label includes information such as the product description, bin location, quantity of each product, route the product will be shipped, and the customer information. Using this Picking Label ensures each item is identified as it is being picked causing fewer errors and confusion during loading. Second, the module provides labels for pallets. Each label identifies each item being placed on a specific pallet, the bin location of the product, ship date, route number, and the customer information.

Standing Orders

The WinFDS® Standing Orders module has value if you have customers to whom you send a standard order to regularly. You create the standard order once and WinFDS® automatically creates a ‘real’ order on the days you want.
Food Decision Software - standing orders

Tobacco System

The WinFDS® Tobacco System module is designed to keep track of all taxes owing on your tobacco sales and, if you are selling to Indigenous customers who have tobacco quotas, WinFDS® will track your purchases to them also.

Warehouse Management

This module is designed to assist in the location of products in multiple locations, product put-aways, empty and blocked bins, as well as supporting the determination of replenishment requirements. It also tracks employee productivity, helping you get a sense of overall warehouse performance. The module also maintains receiving docks and their schedules, and can be interfaced to hardware such as mobile scanning systems.
Food Decision Software - warehouse management

Bar Code Scanning

The WinFDS® Bar Code Scanning module allows you to scan inbound purchase order receipts and outbound barcodes using handheld mobile scanners. With this module, you can eliminate and minimize errors, data entry work for your employees while improving product traceability. Bar codes make for fast and accurate order picking, shipping, and purchase order receiving.
Food Decision Software - Scanner Printer

Web Order Entry

This module makes it easy for customers and salespeople to order online using virtually any device. Customers see order guides that are specific to them, and are able to view product information, real-time inventory levels, pricing information, past and present orders, and their account status without having to contact your staff. This reduces the number of customer service representatives taking orders, allowing you to reallocate resources to sales and growth. Customers can track their orders easily, including ETA, ship date and driver’s name, making it possible for them to engage with your business from a number of different channels.
Food Decision Software - Web Order Entry

Web Scan Orders

The Web Scan orders module will allow your customers to create their orders by scanning product barcodes and then submitting the order to you via your website. This is another way for your customers to submit their orders to you quickly and efficiently, with zero input errors and without any intervention on your part.

The core WinFDS® software package – designed specifically for the needs of food manufacturers and distributors