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Additional Features of WinFDS®​

The core WinFDS® Food ERP software package includes various modules and numerous features designed specifically for the needs of food distributors and manufacturers. Some of these additional features are:

  • User defined database files codes length.
  • Export database files and reports.
  • Find/search and report writer.
  • Online help and how to’s.
  • Direct emailing from WinFDS®.
  • WinFDS® alerts, reminders, and messages.
  • Google Maps integration.
  • Comprehensive pricing: Street prices (9), multiple contracts, quotes (customer specific), product deals, future pricing, multi-tiered discounts, off-invoice discounts, and up-charges.
  • Unlimited images for products, brands, customers, product major and minor categories, suppliers and private labels. 
  • Product nutrition information.


Stay Organized With WinFDS®

WinFDS® will help keep your business organized with a variety of must-have features:

General ledger integration: All WinFDS® software modules are fully integrated, including with general ledger (GL).

Inventory tracking: By units, splits, weights (multiple units of measure), together with catch weights and tonnage weight reporting.

Archiving of reports: WinFDS® enables you to retain electronic copies of documents (audit trail type reports) rather than paper copies (24 reports).

Multi-company database capabilities (optional).

Document management: WinFDS® includes a total of 37 documents, such as, invoices and purchase orders, which includes document capture, storage, security, indexing, and retrieval features, that can be viewed, printed, or emailed. This, together with archiving of reports, uses no physical storage space and saves time in retrieving of paper documents. 

Transaction data: All transaction type processes are stamped with the user code, date, time, and workstation of the user performing the process.


WinFDS®: Safe, Secure & Reliable

We pride ourselves on security. The WinFDS® security module gives system administrators the ability to lock users out of different parts of the system. It also allows you to set up password-protected fields to restrict viewing and editing capabilities to certain users. Includes full historical tracking and user usage.

Not only is WinFDS® secure, but it is also fully compliant to FDA Food Safety Modernization Act with full product traceability and lot control. There is also HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) control for inbound/receiving and outbound/shipping. Lastly, hazardous material products can also be identified, tracked, and controlled within our software.


User Friendly & Efficiency Features

WinFDS® was designed with our customers in mind. Invest in a food and beverage ERP with user friendly features that make your business more efficient:

  • Quick options selection, without the need to go through multiple menus, including calling another option from within the current option.
  • “Soundex” (Alpha search) feature, you can access things as such customers and products via their names and descriptions, or any part of their names or descriptions.
  • Extensive input fields edit checks with easy-to-read instructions, how to’s, and help.
  • Database file changes audit trail: Whenever you make a change (addition, modification, or deletion) to a database file such as changing a customer’s telephone number, the system logs this change. This CH module tells you who has been in what database file, exactly what was done/changed, when it was done and by whom (user).
  • Maintain columns & display charts (user defines what data to display in inquiries and charts).
  • Quick “copy” of existing products and customers database file to new products and customers. Copy fields allow you to copy a specific field to multiple database file records.
  • Audit trail type reports are sequentially numbered for better control.

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“Immeasurable Value” – How WinFDS® Transformed Bova Foods

“The value we have gained from working with FDS and their software is immeasurable. We have built a relationship based on trust and loyalty that encourages success and continued growth.”
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