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Purchasing & Inventory Control

Inventory Management is just one of our many software features that help thousands of customers. With our automated tracking systems, our customers can achieve perfect inventory accuracy and reduce the risk of stock discrepancies and costly mistakes.

Reduce stockouts, eliminate overstocking, conserve capital, and optimize storage space with our food and beverage ERP, WinFDS®. Our food and beverage ERP can help you understand your optimized inventory levels so carrying costs are minimized while meeting demand effectively.

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Person Performing Inventory Control Using Inventory Management Software

Food & Beverage ERP

Our Inventory Control Interface

Inventory levels are updated automatically by the system as a result of receiving products, invoicing an order, or performing a manufacturing process. Committed stock levels are updated on a perpetual basis as customers’ orders are being processed. Finally, suggested purchase orders are created easily and quickly by WinFDS® based on your quantity available, minimum inventory required, recent sales, and raw material usage.
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Food & Beverage Inventory Software

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If you are looking for a food and beverage inventory management software, WinFDS® is the right choice for all food distributors and food manufacturers.

WinFDS® can help make you and your business more efficient by streamlining process, reducing labour costs, optimizing resource allocation, improving decision making, and much more!

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“Immeasurable Value” – How WinFDS® Transformed Bova Foods

“The value we have gained from working with FDS and their software is immeasurable. We have built a relationship based on trust and loyalty that encourages success and continued growth.”
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