“Second to None” – How a WinFDS® Upgrade Supported Foods Galore

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Challenge Overview

Foods Galore needed to upgrade their food industry software solution.

Solution Highlights

WinFDS® has been deployed in every area of the business, supporting many efficiencies and cost savings.

“I’ve worked with five or six different software companies, and none of them come close to WinFDS® from an efficiency standpoint, from a value-added standpoint, and also from direct access to the decision-makers and the leaders in the company.”

The Business Challenge

Foods Galore is the largest family-owned food distributor in the Mid-Atlantic region, with a fleet of 26 trucks faithfully servicing customers throughout the area. They had been using Version 5 of WinFDS® since 2003, but following a great deal of growth, were looking to expand their software solution to cover more functions within the business.

Based on their positive experiences with the software, Foods Galore re-engaged Food Decision Software to explore an upgrade to Version 12 of WinFDS® along with the installation of some optional modules that had been developed since they first bought the software.

The Solution

After exploring the software upgrades that had been made since Version 5, Foods Galore quickly realized that the latest version of WinFDS® offered all of the functionalities they were looking for, and the optional Bill Back module promised to save their purchasing teams an extraordinary amount of time. In particular, the streamlined and simplified order entry system set WinFDS® apart from other software solutions.

“The other system we were looking at was clunky and slow... WinFDS® makes it easy to enter a 100-line order, even if you’re not tech savvy.”

Following their upgrade to Version 12 of WinFDS®, Foods Galore found that they were getting even more value out of the software. The Bill Back module replaced a significant amount of manual process, making it much easier for purchasing teams to process bill backs, supplier revenue, and other cost-saving measures. The Dashboard module provides their leadership team with a wealth of data on business performance, allowing them to make better decisions.

The upgrade also made many core features available to Foods Galore, including customized reporting tools that have since been deployed throughout the business. Over one hundred employees now use WinFDS® every day as part of their jobs, and feedback on the upgrade has been unanimously positive.

The Results

With an updated WinFDS® as the “operating system” for their business, Foods Galore has been able to realize extensive efficiencies in operations, finance, sales, marketing, and purchasing. In particular, the ordering system makes it easy for salespeople and buyers to enter orders week after week. The ease of use and speed of this function has even allowed them to reallocate resources from customer service to sales, as they receive significantly less calls from customers needing help with their orders.

“WinFDS® is top-class in the industry, from the standpoint of salespeople they get to see, how they go about entering the orders and managing margins, managing inventories… it’s second to none.”

Between the purchasing and inventory control, the vastly simplified bill backs procedures, the accounting modules, the ordering system, and the customized reporting, every employee at Foods Galore, no matter their level of technical skill, has been augmented by WinFDS® and can perform their job with confidence.

Mark Oltman,
CFO, Foods Galore

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