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(Local or Cloud)
For businesses that want to install WinFDS® on their local servers, we offer our software package as a traditional product that is paid for up-front and supported for an annual fee. The licensing costs will depend on the number of users and any add-on modules you require. We can also host WinFDS® on the cloud, saving you the trouble of having to maintain a server. In this scenario, we assume all support, hosting, backup, and data security responsibilities, giving you access to leading food industry software with minimal overhead.

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(SaaS on Cloud)
The software-as-a-service option is an all-inclusive monthly subscription fee that is hosted on the cloud, giving your employees the ability to access WinFDS® from anywhere. Since there are minimal up-front capital costs, the SaaS model contributes immediately to your company’s bottom line and posts a high ROI as soon as it is implemented. This option is perfect for smaller businesses that are still building their technology infrastructure but need food industry software in order to grow.

Customize Your Solution

Although the Core Modules of WinFDS® solve the primary operational challenges facing most food distributors and manufacturers, there are additional modules available that offer solutions for specific industries and processes. These include tablet-based driver and delivery software, bar code scanning, and many more. For each implementation, we can also perform custom programming to fit WinFDS® seamlessly into existing business processes and practices.

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If you are curious about what problems WinFDS® could solve in your business, we’d be happy to walk you through a personalized demonstration of our food industry software and how it can address your specific needs. Contact us using the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!
WinFDS SureStart Implementation support

SureStart Implementation

Food Decision Software employs a proven implementation methodology based on our knowledge and understanding of each customer’s specific business needs. This implementation program is called SureStart. Each SureStart Program is customized to suit the business needs of the customer, and is supported by an implementation team consisting of a project manager, an implementation consultant, a trainer, and a system engineer.


There are four training options available for you and your employees.

Online Help & Resources

WinFDS® software includes comprehensive online help and how to’s for every program and field within the software.

Onsite Training

An FDS trainer will go to the client's site and provide training to your users, with a hands-on approach that makes it possible to train a number of users quickly. The travel time and expense for the trainer can be spread over a number of users.

Remote Training

Training is provided over the Internet using video conferencing, which allows people in a number of locations to be trained on WinFDS® together.​

Post-Implementation Training and Consulting

A trainer from FDS goes to your office a few months after the initial implementation and conducts further training of users at the client's site or sites. They will also conduct a review of how you are using WinFDS® and offer recommendations on what you could do to get even more value out of the software.

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