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With our flagship product, WinFDS®, our clients are small-to-medium-sized food distributors and manufacturers, many of whom have discovered us after dissatisfactory experiences with general-purpose software.

WinFDS® is designed specifically to address the needs of food distributors and food manufacturers to help simplify their operations. With a focus on order processing, inventory control, simplifying repeat orders, accounting capabilities, and full product traceability, WinFDS® offers users with the ability to manage different units of measure, multiple pricing scenarios, and routing, making many laborious manual processes effortless.

Serving the software needs of Food Distributors, Processors & Manufacturers in a wide range of business categories

General Food Lines

Fruits/ Vegetables

Meats, Poultry & Seafood

Confectionery/ Tobacco

Health/ Beauty Aid

Sundry Products

Frozen Foods

Dairy Products

Baked Goods

Paper Products

Challenges solved by WinFDS®

When food distributors and manufacturers are looking for a software solution or food ERP to help with purchasing and inventory control, one of the biggest mistakes they can make is purchasing a solution that isn’t built specifically for the food industry. Unlike most other sectors, the food industry has to contend with rigorous quality controls, near-term expiry dates, repeat orders, and other things that strain the limits of off-the-shelf software. At Food Decision Software, we offer free no-obligation operation evaluations so you can truly determine how our custom food manufacturer software and food distributor software can help.
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With a core software package built specifically for food distribution and manufacturing, as well as two dozen optional modules designed to address specific industry needs, WinFDS® offers a comprehensive solution that will drive better results for your business than any other food and beverage ERP on the market.

WinFDS® offers a core software package, as well as two dozen optional modules for specific needs

Unlike ERP software made for more general use, we have designed WinFDS® to specifically address the needs of the food industry. Our comprehensive solution simplifies your customer’s daily ordering process, improves productivity by automating time-consuming tasks, and provides your business with complete purchasing and inventory control to minimize spoilages, shortages, and miscounts.

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