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Finding a dairy ERP solution that comes with everything you need can be a challenge. At Food Decision Software, we’re proud to offer a dairy ERP solution that can be customized to suit all of your business’s unique needs. When it comes to the dairy industry (cheese, milk, yogurt, etc), no product is alike. With varied weights (and therefore pricing), it’s why our ERP, WinFDS® offers catch weight features.

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Finding a Food & Beverage ERP
That Does It All

If you’re looking for a dairy ERP software, WinFDS® has all the necessities for tackling process efficiencies when it comes to the dairy industry. But why stop there? Our dairy ERP software includes a wide range of features to help you take your business to the next level. Keep your business operations running smoothly no matter what challenges come your way.

Our ERP software for dairy manufacturers goes beyond the basics. Discover the full potential of WinFDS® and book your demo today!

WinFDS®: Additional Features

A Food & Beverage ERP That Takes Care Of Everything

Web Order Entry

Allow customers and salespeople to order online using virtually any device. Allow customers to track their orders easily, including ETA, ship date and driver’s name, making it possible for them to engage with your business from a number of different channels.

Order Processing

Streamline and optimize your purchasing process. Reduce purchasing barriers, track order history, and allow customers to make order changes on the fly. Improve your customer relationships while saving time for your employees with WinFDS®.

Accounting Capabilities

Use a food and beverage ERP that allows effective control over your payables and outstanding receivables. With cutting-edge reporting, multiple currencies, and flexible accounting periods, WinFDS® can help keep your finances organized while taking advantage of vendor discounts and promotions.

Sales Analysis

Get effective sales reporting with WinFDS®. Shift inventory and manufacturing priority to meet market demand, easily pull data from the system, and observe changes in customer purchase habits.

Manufacturing & Processing

WinFDS® enables the creation and management of recipes, bills of material and formulas to ensure accurate production planning. It supports lot tracking, labor usage, packaging, scrap/shrinkage monitoring, and allows for the efficient management of production with reporting and planning tools.


WinFDS® offers multi-warehousing capabilities and customizable software features for larger businesses. Easily track and transfer inventory between warehouses, and ship to and from multiple warehouses.

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