Accelerating Growth and ROI with WinFDS® Software

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Challenge Overview

Following an acquisition, Stewart Foodservice embarked on an ambitious restructuring and growth process.

Solution Highlights

WinFDS® provided the company with the technological platform they needed to grow quickly, with support for sales, inventory, and delivery.

Stewart Foodservice is a medium-sized Canadian food distributor that changed ownership in 1996. At the time of its sale, it was a struggling tobacco and confectionary wholesaler. Within a few years, the new ownership had transformed Stewart Foodservice into a modernized, customer-driven, full-line food distribution company with revenues over $100 million.

Stewart Foodservice has been a client of Food Decision Software since 1997, implementing WinFDS® software as part of their restructuring process to support more efficient operations and better inventory control. Additionally, WinFDS® supported a customer-centric business model and sales strategy, providing Stewart Foodservice with a platform to service customers more effectively with fast order handling and improved customer care. The expanded order desk capacity also supported rapid growth by allowing field sales representatives to focus on generating new business instead of spending their time taking orders.

The company maintains impressive fill rate of over 98% for their customers with skilled buyers utilizing the WinFDS® purchasing system to maximize efficiencies in inventory replenishment. The investment in their customers’ experience brought a sense of ease and confidence to the distributor-customer relationship, fueling growth and return on investment.

Even the drivers of Stewart Foodservice make use of WinFDS® as part of their daily routine, with a mobile device and the iDriver module providing drivers with the ability to contact head office, get directions and route information, have customers sign for deliveries, and track inventory. The head office is able to view the location and progress of all drivers out on delivery, giving them the ability to provide customers with clear answers about order status. The increased visibility supports inventory control, provides customers with accurate information about the status of their delivery, and brings a professional edge to Stewart’s delivery function.

Stewart Foodservice’s commitment to customers is made clear on their website and validated by their proactive investments in people, processes, and technology such as the WinFDS® food distribution software system which helps them to be truly customer-driven.

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